Paperless Compliant Invoice India

Turn Your Accounts Payable into a Profit Center!


Confusing rules, paired with regulations that vary across states have severely inhibited trade with partners in India. Tungsten Network is changing that with a paperless compliant invoice. India, and those who wish to do business there, only stand to benefit.

Having left no stone unturned in our effort to understand and incorporate the complex regulations that govern invoices at the national and regional level, Tungsten Network has been approved as the only electronic invoicing service provider by the Central Authority (CBEC).

Tungsten Network ensure the following invoices are compliant:

  • Goods invoices encompassing both Value Added Tax (VAT) and Central States Tax (CST) in Karnataka, West Bengal, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Chandigarh, and Himachal Pradesh
  • Excise invoices nationwide
  • Service tax invoices nationwide

In addition, Tungsten Network has more than 100 English-speaking staff located within the region so that you and your Suppliers can get answers to your market specific questions and concerns.

For more details on how Tungsten Network’s electronic invoicing platform is providing a paperless compliant invoice in India — and beyond — download this informative paper.

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